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Daisy Cassidy is about to discover her first big solo mission isn't as easy as it appears....


When tasked by Space Commander "Mom" to watch after her little brother, Mickey, Daisy Cassidy thinks it'll be a breeze. After all, as a self proclaimed Space Adventurer, she should be able to handle his mischievous antics.















But when Mickey proves to be too much of a handful for his older sister and escapes the house, he finds himself abducted by aliens! To prove her responsibility and to save her brother, Daisy must set out on an epic space rescue, through different planets, different trials, and all before her parents return from the space opera! 







Daisy Cassidy is a science fiction adventure for young readers, filled to the brim with humour, suspense, friendship and of course, SPACE! A passion project between veteran writer Nicholas Doan (Monster Elementry, BABEE AND THE VALLEY OF THE HUNGRY NINJAS) and emerging artist Eryn Tompsett, this romp through the stars has homages to old science fiction classics while bringing a new spin for the newest generation of Space Adventurers.






With a Kickstarter planned for early 2023, Daisy Cassidy's first issue is here, available to read in it's entirety. We hope you will enjoy, and consider becoming a part of our campaign when it launches!


If you want to know when the rest of the adventure continues, consider subscribing to our email list, or follow us on our social media. 

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